Drawing Out the “Genius” in Your Child

The goal of early childhood education is to properly nurture children so that they will be able to make full use of their “fundamental abilities” when they become adults, find their dreams and try hard to make them come true.

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Heguru is committed to delivering stimulating and creative educational programmes within our caring, secure and nurturing environments.

Right Brain Education

There is a wealth of benefits for participating in right brain education programmes. Children need a minimum of just one or ...

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Heguru infant classroom leading to the genius of the child in the right brain development (early childhood education, prenatal care)...


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Heguru in the Classroom
Conventional education methods are about giving information to children and expecting them to learn it. However, Heguru prefers to focus on helping children to develop how they absorb the information they are learning so that they unlock the key to learning. Nurturing the right side of the brain from an early age is vital to help children use their full brain function to their best ability. This right brain activity is all about nurturing and nourishing the right brain and involves several activities that stimulate the brain through memory and problem-solving activities. Classes typically last for 50 minutes or more, and is conveniently designed to fit in with the child’s curricular and nursery programme. Heguru provides a great learning environment where children are free to be imaginative, responsive and expressive.

Heguru’s Right Brain Education


Heguru focusses entirely on nurturing a child’s ability to use both sides of their brain and provides a wealth of advantages to children in their foundation years. When both sides of the brain are used, true confidence and intelligence (intellectual and emotional) can shine, resulting in the best possible start to educational development. Right brain education is the key to unlocking the learning potential in young children. Parents worried that their children are not reaching their true potential in nursery or not getting all that they need from their home schooling can opt to join right brain classes at Heguru centre Dubai.